Assumption: is not user friendly

Problem statement: Users need better navigation on in order to increase attendance

Who uses

  • Tech curious, early(ish) adopter
  • Reads Wired, NYT, keeps up on some tech theory
  • Not a browser; looking for something specific quickly
  • Job seeker or career climber
  • Uses tech/software/internet in daily work



  • Problem: navigation, finding specific courses, hard to/understand find tracks
  • Observed while watching use: a lot of scrolling, “where did that drop down come from”
  • Possible solution: key on same page


  • Used to apply for sponsorship, couldn’t check status of application
  • Site didn’t recognize her (no history)
  • “Nearly impossible to find anything” 

2016 website (UX/UI Design by Guiceworks):

screenshot-2016-09-22-at-7-21-17-am screenshot-2016-09-22-at-7-21-35-am menu

Lo-fi Prototypes: