Airline customer service experience

Client: Hypothetical
Student exercise at General Assembly User Experience Design Bootcamp (October 2016)
Teacher: Amara Hulslander,

Users: Frequent travelers
Persona: “Frequent but harried traveler”
Travels 6-12 times per year divided between business and personal reasons 25-35 years old
Lives in or near city
Employed FT
Has had bad customer service interaction(s)
May have rewards program through work
Lacks time – expects to find information fast
Wants to control own schedule



  • Most recent flight (DIA to Seattle via Delta): Good experience because of minimal interaction with airline
  • Avoided customer service
  • Checked in online
  • Most recent bad flight experience (DIA to Nicaragua via United): Flight canceled
  • Waited in line at customer service desk, received no explanation
  • Could not get through to customer service phone line


  • Most recent flight (DIA to Arkansas via United): Chose airline because of points program through work
  • Made reservation on website in order to better compare flights/price
  • But used app at airport after checking in
  • Frustrated by having to use multiple tools to accomplish one task

Problem statement: Regular traveler needs a way to interact with customer service with minimal frustration because s/he is currently avoiding customer service interaction.

Assumption: Lack of communication prevents Regular Traveler from becoming a loyal, repeat airline customer.

Flow chart:


Original wireframes (used Marvel App):